1. Cody buys and sells more drums than you can keep track of. Here, bumming that the Rye Patch pawn shop is closed. Or, just being a bad ass. Nevada.
    Rye Patch camp ground, Nevada. Taken on a 120 mm Mamiya.
    Jake with Miller in hand, always sure of everything and never in doubt. Cody post swim at the Rye Patch camp ground, Nevada.
    Met these guys at a Nevada road stop. They got a co-op going called Brothers Moto, based out of Atlanta, GA.
    Eric wears his lamp all times of day. You never can tell when you're going to be out after dark.
    Yours truly. Photo by Eric Wallace. Nevada
    Catching fish is an art, and a skill you can only apply after finishing at least one miller lite. Jake, Rye Patch campground, Nevada.

  2. Colin O'Malley, of John Colin's bar, SF. City Tribe got their start by playing and rehearsing at the bar. We owe a lot to this guy. Photo in South Lake Tahoe, CA.
    Jake in stride, the rum runners in full effect in South Lake Tahoe, CA.
    The Redwood Curtain Brewery has some tasty craft brews. If only their beer made it farther south. Trying out the belgian ales in Arcata, CA.

  3. Eric and Jake, doing as the Romans do in the Boise river. Ya, it had that crisp mountain feel.
    Eric and Cody stretchin' and packin'. Boise, Idaho.
    Yours truly still trying to get the eyes to stay open. That's pretty much how the van looked the whole tour.
    Jake and myself at the Biggest Little City Club, Reno, NV. Peter Barnato is the man for having us play. Be sure to look up his group Moondog Matinee.
    Looking north in Lake Tahoe, CA.

  4. local pre-release tonight at Amnesia!




  7. IMG_3845.jpeg


  8. We’re making our first album, which will certainly be a bench mark for us.  Half the tunes are new, while the other half are what we like to call City Tribe “Classic.”  They’re some of the songs we first wrote as a group in 2010.  Half of them we actually released on our very first EP (which has since been swept under the rug) and the other half is brand new. Songs like “Broken Arrow” and  ”Bury Me By The Shore” have never been released, so it’ll be really nice to be able to print those two.

    Andy Freeman, who helped us do our last self-titled EP, is with us again to guide us in the record making process.  He’s a magic person and engineer to have around.  A really impassioned and enthusiastic personality, not to mention a player himself and a total music nut.  His ears talk.  Sometimes the group sits around while he and our drummer Cody have it out over far-fetched music lore.  

    The upcoming record will probably be 9 tracks in all, which is short, but suits the modern attention span.  In no particular order, we plan on releasing the following:

    Green Eyes

    Bury Me By The Shore

    Silver Lining


    Heart & Soul


    I Will Be There

    Broken Arrow

    (plus one more, maybe…)

    We know we’re the millionth band to come around, so all we want to do is make ourselves available to you, with the songs that have volunteered themselves from our spirits.

    Thank you to all of you who have supported up to this point, we are really touched by all of the love and look forward to making much, much more music for you.


  9. 'Wildflower' performed live at the Great American Music Hall.  This will be a track on our upcoming release.